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3 steps to take you from self-hate to self-love

May 15, 2015


Not so long ago, the word self love was inexistent in my vocabulary.  Instead, self loathing, destructive behaviour and self sabotage ruled my day. I couldn’t possibly imagine as much as accepting the person I saw in the mirror every morning. I wish I would have had a person like Nadia Felsch by my side back then. Someone that would have told me that everything is going to be OK and that you can LEARN to love yourself. Nadia has had her fair share of struggle with the “inner mean girl” – syndrome and knows what she’s talking about. I love her approach to holistic living and her view on weight management, emotional eating and self love; which is precisely why I invited her to talk to you about how YOU can start loving YOUrself. Here are her 3 steps to take you from self-hate to self-love:

Can you imagine for just a moment, what it would be like to look in the mirror and see exactly what’s there?

Not the perceived flaws and parts of ourselves ‘to work on.’

Can you even fathom what that would feel like?

Whether it’s something we see on social media or a magazine, the comparison-itis game that we often play is a dangerous one, and worse still, it’s one that won’t give us what we want.

It took me years to comprehend that the elusive number game I was playing had no end game.

What did I think would happen, and what did my life look like once I achieved ‘the goal?’

You know what that feels like right?

That number on the scales, the jean size, the feeling I’d lusted after for as long as I could remember. I’m guessing you might have too?

It wasn’t until I truly questioned myself and this vision I had of the future, that I was able to move past the self-loathing that dictated my entire life and into an incredibly rich life – where life is so damn good!

A life not ruled by the scales (for me or my food!), working out like crazy (because I have to) or the cheat-deprive food cycle.

And into one that looks more like this: eating diverse and vibrant wholefoods and instinctively knowing how much and when, moving my body with joy and gratitude because I can and spending time consciously within my own life.

All at a healthy weight, whilst taking care of myself and still challenging my body and mind.

It is possible without all of the negativity and self-torture.

I know because I’ve lived it.

Yes it’s a work in progress though it is working and I’m willing to invest in it.

Here, I share with you 3 steps that I used to move from self-hate to self-love.

I hope so much for you that today is the day you leap into a new life because you are worth it and it will bring a whole new level to your world.

3 steps from self-hate to self-love

  1. Unfollow and unsubscribe: Scary I know, FOMO and all. Ask yourself this though, who do you follow on social media or subscribe to who makes you feel self-judgmental and critical. Whether intended or not, they’re presence in your online world isn’t bringing you inspiration so why follow them?
  1. Chase the hate with love: You will look into the mirror and see ‘flaws.’ Instead of pretending this isn’t the case, make a deal, with yourself. Each negative you name is to be followed by a positive. Rinse and repeat.
  1. Take real care: Eat vibrant food that makes you happy from the inside out. Move how your body loves to. Laugh with your soul. Love (yourself first) with your whole body.
Be your awesome, unique and incredible self. Now.
What have you got to lose?


Nadia is a wholefoods recipe developer, writer, food stylist and nutritionist-in-training. Her relatable approach to cooking is based on simple, delicious and nutritious eating. To EAT WELL, LOOK GOOD and FEEL GREAT is her life’s mantra. Her work is evolving and an invitation for us all to learn more about living and eating in a way that personally changed her life and could inspire a change in yours.

Thank you for this inspiring guest post, Nadia! I also invite you to read more from Nadia here and check out some of her recipes (how delicious does this chia pudding look?): 

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