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Healthspo Talk with Claudia from Bare Vitality

October 6, 2016

Claudia from Bare Vitality

It’s time for another #healthspotalk, yay! Sorry being MIA on these lately, time has just been flying by and life got in the way. But they are coming back with a bang, because today I am introducing you to the lovely Claudia from Bare Vitality. Claudia runs a holistic health and fitness business in Balmain, Sydney, but also wears many other entrepreneurial hats. Like with many of my friends here in Sydney, we initially met through Instagram and hit it off straight away. I have yet to go to one of her training sessions, but in the mean time I’ll let her take over and share her story with you.

Welcome, Claudia!

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Eat Fit Food 1 Week Review + Your Chance To Try It

October 4, 2016

Eat Fit Food Review

I’ve been feeling VERY blah of late. Struggling to find a good routine between office work and working from home,  putting a lot of pressure on myself for literally everything and subsequently having gained a little unwanted pudginess has left me feeling not my best self.

I also stopped meal prep Sundays, which was such a big part of my routine when I was following the 8-week I Quit Sugar program. And frankly, without that my eating routine has kind of just been off track. So there I was thinking…: “All I want is someone else to make me three healthy meals a day for me so that I don’t need to shop, cook, clean and can just get back on track…”

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Celebrating 100 Blog Posts – Here’s What You’ve Loved The Most

September 23, 2016

Vie Active Pacific Palm

I’m having a great big party over here because I just hit publish on my 100th blog post. Wuhoooooo!

I started WSS back in December of 2014, when I still in the midst of my own ED-recovery. The more I opened up about my journey, the more I began to realize that I wasn’t alone in this. Over time, I started getting FB messages and emails from friends, or friends of friends and other distant acquaintances, who confessed how much they could relate and that they were going through something similar. Some of these girls I had never met before, but somehow they felt like they could open up to me because we shared a similar story and there was nowhere else they could turn to. It was then that I realized I am not alone and that in this “epidemic of beauty sickness” there are so many girls struggling with emotional eating, anorexia, bulimia, binging, purging, orthorexia and that there is not nearly enough awareness on the topic. That’s when I decided to start a blog and share my story, and now almost two years later, I have this amazing platform that allows me to connect with beautiful souls from all over the world and spread a positive message. And it’s all because of YOU, so THANK YOU.

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Workout Essentials | What’s In My Gym Bag

September 20, 2016

What's In My Gym Bag

We’ve all been there: having to go to work in our gym shoes (Holly, I’m looking at you!) or spending the day with our arms crossed because we’re secretly free-boobing.

Fitting in a gym routine is no easy feat as it is, but remembering all the things you need to bring for your workout and post-workout shower is a whole other story. And let’s be frank: nothing kills your motivation like forgetting your headphones (I’ve actually had times where I considered going back home because I couldn’t bare the thought of doing a gym workout without my beloved music…).

That’s why I decided to share a sneak peek into my gym bag, filled with all my workout essentials and more. I’m notoriously clumsy and forgetful, so I try to prepare my gym bag the day before so that I won’t be running around at 5am in the morning in complete darkness trying to look for a pair of clean socks and hair tie.

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Why It’s Time For Everyone To Recognize Meditation’s Healing Power

September 13, 2016

Meditation's Healing Power

Before I got into health and fitness the way I am now, I was one of those people that considered meditation a “waste of time”. I mean, why would I just sit there quiet and not do anything for 15 minutes, if I could be running around ticking stuff off my to-do list?! Time is precious, after all.

But with time I realised that slowing down is actually a good thing and that it’s necessary. In fact, becoming more mindful and present in the moment was a big part of my recovery journey.

It wasn’t easy to start with, to say the least. For the longest time, even just five minutes of sitting and breathing was extremely difficult. It was like a crazy jungle party in my brain 24/7 and I always felt like I wasn’t doing it right…

And even though I now try to meditate regularly (15 minutes a day), I feel like I’ve fallen a bit off the “meditation bandwagon” lately.

As if it was a call from the universe reminding me to get back onto my (imaginary) meditation cushion, I recently got an invitation from Nikki and Kevin from Centred Meditation to come by their meditation studio. Centred Meditation is a contemporary meditation studio in the heart of Sydney’s CBD that offers 30min guided meditation sessions for the urban professionals to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The studio is an urban sanctuary giving your body all the cues it needs to de-stress: a relaxing atmosphere, diffused soothing scent, warm calming tea and comfortable armchairs with lots of cushions and blankets.

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Vegan Protein Berry Chia Pudding

September 7, 2016

Vegan Protein Berry Chia Pudding

After last month’s debut of the green smoothie on WSS, I thought it was about time to share another breakfast favorite of mine with you all – the chia pudding.

Chia seeds are teeny tiny, but impressively clever. They don’t have a lot of flavor, but when soaked in water they transform into a highly detoxifying gel that absorbs flavour really well. Because of this, they are super versatile and can be used in so many different ways. My favorite, however, is still to make a simple chia pudding with them.

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Here’s What Happened When I Quit Sugar

August 29, 2016

 I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program Review

I have been dabbling with the thought of doing Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Program for quite some time already, but never took the leap.

Why? Because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to stick to it.

Why? Because even though I haven’t been bulimic for many years now and consider myself recovered, my journey of recovery (read more about it here, here, here and here) has nevertheless been plagued by many binges and spurts of overeating (mainly on sugary stuff) where I felt completely out of control.

And although I really really badly wanted to kick my sugar addiction in the butt for good, I also knew that I would be setting myself up for failure if I did the program with the wrong mindset.

That’s why I had kept my quitting-sugar ambitions on the backburner until recently, when I figured that I was now at a head space where I could attempt going off sugar completely, without feelings of guilt if I did fall off the bandwagon.

But let’s take a look at why we’d want to get rid of the white stuff in the first place…

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Loving Lately – 31.07.16

August 20, 2016

Loving Lately - 31.07.16

Hey there #wholesometribe! I hope you all had a healthy & active weekend?

I thought I would mix things up a bit around here and start a new blog series called Loving Lately – WSS’s Fave New Discoveries. Ever since moving to Australia, I’ve had SO MUCH fun discovering all the amazing healthy brands that this country has to offer, it’s like I’m a toddler in a candy shop. One of my fave weekend activities includes perusing through the aisles of the many health food stores around my area, no joke. As I’m sort of obsessed with learning about the latest and greatest food/fitness/well-being products and I’m being sent some pretty cool stuff these days, I thought it’d be fun to start sharing my favorite discoveries on the blog. Just FYI, some of the products I’ll be showing you are gifted from companies, but a) they only make it onto this post if I truly like them and b) I will always share my honest opinion about them.

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…How To See Beauty When You Look Into The Mirror

August 16, 2016

How To See Beauty When You Look Into The Mirror

I used to hate looking into the mirror.

Maybe it was because I didn’t like seeing my uneven nose and un-chizzled cheekbones.

Maybe it was because I didn’t like the way my hair fell flat along my face. Or the dullness of the colour.

Maybe it was because of the extra pounds that I’d been carrying around with me and tried so desperately to rid myself of; a graphic reminder of my lack of self-control.

Those days are in the past and I have since then learned to embrace what I see in the mirror every day. But it was a long and hard journey…

Today, I’ve invited optimism and life coach, international motivational speaker and author of The Optimist In You, Jessica J. Lockhart, to talk about the complicated relationship most of us have with the mirror.

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Exploring The Sunshine Coast One Café, Beach and Mountain At A Time

August 8, 2016

Exploring The Sunshine Coast

After last week’s post where I talked about the power of surrounding yourself with like-minded people, I only have one thing left to say for this post: I absolutely love love freaking love this chica. She’s the salt to my pepper, the peanut butter to my celery stick, the yin to my yang. Too much? Sorry… But the truth is that she 100% get’s me, supports me and pushes me to dream bigger and better. When we’re together, we talk about all the things that we want to do in life, the things that we want to achieve, the places that we want to visit and the new things that we want to explore. I’m so happy that she’s now finally in Australia as well and that we can see each other from time to time, even though she’s on the Sunshine Coast and I’m in Sydney.

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